Approximately when will David West (NOK) start playing again?

He is on my Fantasy team, but he hasn't played at all. I want to know when he will return because right now he is cluttering my roster. Although, he is a very good player.


Alexander or Jones-Drew?

he may not play again this season...his injury is going from bad to worse and will probably require surgery at some point, my recommendation would be to drop him and look for someone else to fill his spot because it's very hard to win in fantasy if you don't have all 13 guys playing for your team for the majority of the season...I learned that the hard way by holding onto Boozer all of last year despite having KG Marion Paul and G Wallace on my team by the end of the year, and I was in a 12 team league

When does fantasy football start?

it will be a long time,,

Can anyone tell me why my fantasy sports stats are not being updated anymore as of feb 16?

I was reading a report that said he will play in late Jan or early Feb. I read another report that said 7 weeks on I'm looking for more definites myself b/c I own him as well.

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