Fantasy Football?

Question:Who should i start
Jeff Garcia, Vince Young
Ladanian, Jones-Drew, Ahman Green (pick 2)
Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Keyshawn Johnson (pick 2)
L. J. Smith
Robbie Gould
Chicago, San Diego


Romo or Garcia today? Here is my problem:?

Jeff Garcia, LT and Jones-Drew, Marvin and Reggie, Chicago

Is this a fair trade?

Thats a tough call. My reccommendation is to have your playoffs start earlier and end the season in week 16, that way you dont end up sitting your studs because they dont play in the last regular season game...

Who do YOU think will be the breakout stars in Fantasy Football '07 this year? Rookies? RB, QB, WR, defense?


How much does it cost to upgrade from free fantasy yahoo football to fantasy football plus? we need divisions

Vice Young. He's having a great last few games.
LADANIAN!!! U should proboblystart the leagues praboble MVP.
Marvin Harrison. He's an amazing wide out.
Gould, defiantly
Chicago has Urlacher to anchor their already strong defense

Godd trade for me in Fantasy Baseball?

Vince Young because he has been great with a 8-4 record as a starter. You should pick Ladanian and jones drew because Ahman Green wont get many carries against the bears defense.I would probaly pick Wayne and Harrison because Keyshawn Johnson isn't a key player. (Get it) But still, Keyshawn hasn't had many fantasy points in ages. I would'nt pick chicago's defense because they will sit out most of there starters against the pack. Also because I am a packers fan and I think Brett Favre will have a big day against there secondary. I think the safe pick would be San Diego. Good Luck.

Who is Bettter for my fantasy team, Aramis Ramirez, or David Wright?

Tough qb decision garcia is more consistant but young is acting like super man right now. Garcia will give you definate points young could give you some big points. If you need a definate go with Garcia if you need some big points young can give you that

LT will not play much so you will have to go with Jones drew and green

Harrison and wayne are far better then Johnson

Go with sandiego they have more to play for

I need opinion for trade?

ladianian and jones-drew
harrison and wayne not keyshawn b/c smith had no catches last game hes gonna be passed too alot this week
u should have traded one of ur def for a better qb

Pick 2 WR's please... Bruce, Holmes, Booker, Welker, Burleson...?

vince young
ahman green
Keyshawn johnson
Marvin Harrison
L. J. Smith

I have either 2nd or 3rd pick in FBB.who would you get in 2nd pick? 3rd pick?

Vince Young- is gonna play out his mind since they have to win
Jones-Drew, Green- both have to win too, and LT might sit after halftime
Harrison, Wayne

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