Am i giving up to much?

Question:Im giving up: Michael Young

Im getting in return: Josh Beckett

Is this a good deal for me?Let me know what you think...


Trade Help Please?

If you need a SP and have another SS, do it. Beckett is pitching better than he ever has. Young will hit eventually, and there may be days you would regret it as the weather warms up, but quality arms are hard to come by. I would assume you have another decent SS at this point with the way Young has been playing.

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don't give up man!..goonies never say die!!

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that is a slam dunk. beckett is unstoppable this year and michael young is slumping. even if they both live up to their potentials youd be winning this trade

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Yea, the way beckett is pitching now he would be a good claim and michael young is doing bad right now but dont forget young will turn around sometime in the season but its up to you

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No. You're getting the best starting pitcher in baseball right now. It's a major upgrade to your pitching staff. Yes, Michael Young is a great player but you're getting someone equal or greater value for him.

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Michael Young is having a down year. Accept this trade. Beckett will have a great year.

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Hell no, Josh Beckett is going to get you plenty of wins. He's 7-0 already and he has a hell of a batting lineup to back him up. Take it and run!

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Unless you really need pitching help. I would not. you drafted young for a reason. Now you are going to get rid of him before he gets hot. I would stick with young for now

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