Alright This ones for the championship!!?

Question:Who would you start as your top 2 running backs out of:
Ronnie Brown,
Sammy Morris,
Edgerrin James,
Justin Fargas,
And who would you start as you top 3 WR's out of:
Chad Johnson,
Joe Horn,
Mushin Muhammed,
Joe Jerivicious,
Reggie Williams,
Remember this is for a trophy here so I want best possible what do you think.


Which two WR's to start? I have Booker, Henderson, Burress and Henry to choose from?

It's not clear yet whether Ronnie Brown or Sammy Morris will play. Brown is healthy and seems ready, but he's still listed as questionable.
Edgerrin is always a decent option - definitely above Fargas.
And your WR situation is much easier:
Chad Johnson, Mushin Muhammed, and Joe Horn if he's healthy. I'd play Jerevicious ahead of Reggie Williams if Horn is out.

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Chad Johnson and Joe Horn
We are clueless on the running backs

If Micheal Jordan would have been a skateboarder, how good would he have been?

RB: Edgerrin James, Justin Fargas

WR: Chad Johnson, Muhsin Muhammad, Joe Horn (if he's healthy, go with jurevicius if he's not)

Good luck.

What should I do?

Ronnie Brown and Justin Fargas
Joe Horn, Reggie Williams and Mushin Muhammed

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i would start
Ronnie Brown vs the jets
edge vs San Fran
fargas vs KC

chad johnson vs denver
if joe horn plays i would start him vs NYG
mushin muhammed vs detroit
if horn doesnt play jerivicious vs TB

Hows my fantasy team looking?

Fargas and James...
The Raiders are going to pound the ball against the Chiefs weak run defense and Edge just because Morris and Brown are on the same team and will probably split the load since Brown is coming off an injury
Horn, Johnson, and Muhammed...
Brees has been on fire lately and they'll have to throw it against a pretty balanced Giants defense; Johnson because Rudi Johnson won't be able to do anything against the Broncos and Palmer and Chad have been clicking lately; Muhammed because the Bears are playing Detroit who has a grade school secondary...

Jurevicious may be a decent choice because he's become Anderson's go to guy having at least 75 yards in 2 of his last 3 games...
Good luck!

How would you rate my current fantasy roster?

I am also go'n for the championship this weekend...and like you i have 2 of your running backs that I'm have'n trouble try'n to decide who to start.
Ronnie Brown,
Edgerrin James,
and Brian Westbrook witch I'm dilemma is that brown did a great job against the jets earlier in the season but i can't seem to get any feed back from no where on his status(i know he's starting)..
as of right now i am starting E.J.
...i will follow up on any status with brown.championship game is to risky to share time with morris!

Should I start Reggie Bush, Addai, or Deuce?

1. Edgerrin James
2. Ronnie Brown
1. Chad Johnson (they need the win to go to the playoffs)
2. Muhammed
3. Horn

you got a good team good luck

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