Any changes you would make?

Question:QB Vince Young
(Ten - QB)

WR Laveranues Coles
(NYJ - WR)

WR Devery Henderson
(NO - WR)

WR Bernard Berrian
(Chi - WR)

RB Willie Parker
(Pit - RB)

RB Cedric Benson
(Chi - RB)

TE Desmond Clark (Chi - TE)

BN Peyton Manning (Ind - QB)

BN Tiki Barber (NYG - RB)

BN Muhsin Muhammad (Chi - WR)

BN Reggie Brown (Phi - WR)

K Jeff Wilkins
(StL - K)

Bn Adam Vinateri (Ind - K)

Def Kansas City

Bn St. Louis


I have a great concept for a fantasy football syste and want to market it to make some money. Any suggestions?

Yeah, start Tiki over Cedric Benson. What the hell are you thinking there? Never, ever sit Tiki. Are you Crazy? I would also have to say the same thing about Peyton; sure, he's playing a good D in the Jags but he's Peyton "freakin" Manning. Your sitting Manning for rookie Vince Young; what, do you live in Tenessee or are you a Texans fan?

I like your team, but your management style perplexes me. Maybe you're just overthinking things because you are either in the playoffs or they are close. Believe me, you'll regret it more if you leave Peyton and/or Tiki on your bench and they blow up.

How is my team 1-10?

I would start tiki over cedric, and peyton over vince... vince young could and probably will have a big game, but peyton is peyton. And i know if I ever started anyone over peyton and peyton had a monster game and the person that i started sucked that week, i would feel dumb, especiall if i lost that week by a margin that peyton could have made up.

Who do I take 1st overall in my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball draft?

I agree. start Peyton and Tiki instead of Young and Benson. The other owners will make fun of you if you don't ...and lose.

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