L need advice on 2 qbs to start in my fantasy league,brees or palmer and please give a reason why thank you?


Placing a player on IR?

Wow this is a toughy..Brees his having the better year and will score td's on Dallas but Palmer is playing the Raiders...And the Raiders D is actually decent (unlike there offense).
Go with Brees he's on fire and you can't really bench him can you. I mean he's gonna make plays and get you tons of yards and at least two td's a game. Hope I could help !!!

How does my team looK??

i'd go with brees

Brees - dallas will stuff run and will be onto Bush (from last week's 4 td performance), but they will be suceptible to the long ball, which Brees does well. even if colston isnt back, they have too many weapons..

Palmer - OAK doesnt do well at all, but they have managed a decent pass def. in this one, rudi will establish the run early and often, meaning not much need for carson to throw...

Who would you start this week for fantasy football?

I go with Palmer on this one. Bengals at home with a need to win to stay in playoff hunt. He's gonna have a big game in the air. Parcells will have Dallas Secondary ready for Brees.

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