1. Should i start Romo or Eli?

I'm just in a toss up, it comes down to who is gonna produce and who has fewer ints. I need some advice!


Trade...Fair or Not?

Roma because he has the second best passer rating behind Peyton Manning. Eli has made many mistakes these past few games. He had a horrible game against the Eagles last week. Both QB's are young, but Romo is on a hot streak and the only thing Eli is doing right now is throwing interceptions.

WR ?? i can start 3?

Eli, he's playing the Saints who's D is terrible in all aspects. Dallas is going to control the clock with the running game because the Eagles can't stop the run. Go with Eli for sure.


i would go with romo because he's romo and just because he also is better, in my opinon than eli

Which young player is the best call for a good second half?

I'd definitely start Romo...if he's good enough for Parcells...

Hunter,francisco rodriguez for sizemore,gil meche what do you people think?


FANTASY baseball trade...?

Cowgirls are playing the Eagles, so if you start Romo, you will be sorry.


Any improvements i can make on my offense?

I think Eli is due my guess 230 yds 2 tds 15 rush
1 int around 14-15 pts

Romo a close second 260 2td 23 rush 2int 1lost fum 10-12 pts

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