Ah I wasn't specific...Marion Barber, LJ, or Betts...pick 2 out of 3?

LJ will get his carries but is going against the best run defense in the league...Philly's run defense is shaky and Betts is sure to see a lot of carries and yardage...and M. Barber always gets points because he's the endzone guy...help?!?!!?


Losman or Eli Manning?

LJ no doubt because the guy always produces, even earlier this year against the Broncos. I would have to go with Betts here because of Cambell's shaky play and the Cowboys are playing the Saints whose air defense is terrible so Romo will be launching it.

Should I do this trade!!!!?

LJ can catch and run, and M Barber is going up against a defense who just lost their best linesman. I would pick them two

Who likes steve francis?

Bettis and Barber

How does my Fantasy Baseball team look?

deffinatly LJ because he will always put up good numbers and I would go with Marion Barber because you know everytime cowboys get the ball inside the 5 yard line barber will punch it in.

Rate my fantasy baseball team?

First, LJ. He is always good. I would go with Barber, you get more points for touchdowns that yards.

Is Bob Wickman going to be the Closer when he returns to the Braves?

Well I am personally looking for a big game from LJ because it is a home game and I actually expect KC to win. I have Balt D and LJ and Barber. Barber has been a TD vulture too if he gets near the end zone. I am playing all three. New Orleans isn't the best D but I think Philly will keep it out of Betts hands by moving on a terrible D

Why were players like Homer Bailey and Tim Lincecum available in the original Yahoo player pool?

LJ is the type of player you start weekly no matter what the matchup. Go with Barber in your second spot, he is a td machine.

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