Odd man Out!! Wide receivers M.Furrey, R. Williams, R. Caldwell?

Which 2 should I start. I've never started 2 receivers from the same team before, and it scares me. Overachieving Furrey vs. a slumping Roy Williams. Who will get the Lion's share of passes? Or will they both be getting better numbers against one of the worst pass defenses(Min) rather than R.Caldwell will be getting against a better Mia. D. Caldwell seems to be Brady's 1st or 2nd choice, but will Belichick try to run rather than pass? Help


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Roy Williams and Reche Caldwell. I was at last week's New England vs. Detroit game and Reche is Brady's go to man now that Ben Watson is slumping. Roy Williams was double covered on every play and he still managed to do fairly decent. Fuerry was mostly uncovered in the zone or Kitna's check down option last week. Roy will burn Minnesota's defenders this week.

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id go with furry and williams they should both put up decent numbers. tom brady spreads the ball to much and they are versing a pretty good defense.

What southern hot head closer said he wasnt sharing closing time with anybody that he worked his f'ing *** off

l also have roy williams, no way you can sit him, he can put up a monster game at any given time, even though hes slumping. l also like caldwell here ,like you said hes bradys 1st and 2nd choice.

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