After Alexander who to start? Warrick Dunn or Corey Dillion??


For the fantasy sports fanatics out there:?

Norwood is gettin more time and the yards. I have Dunn and he is only and occasional start. When was Dunn's last multi-td game? Dillion will see almost all the carries with Maroney have the 'wind knocked out of him.' Dillion always gets the tds and most the yards. Dunn splits time with Vick and Norwood. I have to go with Corey Dillion as a much better start in this scenario.

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Warrick Dunn. The Falcons are a running team (albeit quite a bit on Michael Vick's legs.) Corey Dillon is waning, and Laurence Maroney is picking up his slack.

Or, you could trade them both for Frank Gore. He's been a stud lately. The "Inconvenient Truth" has been a real hoss that most everyone overlooks.

So you get 1st pick in your fantasy baseball draft this year. Who's your 1st pick?

Dunn, I don't think Dillion is the starting back for the Pats anymore, he only got 25 yards rushing last week, but 3 TD's. In other words, you gotta play the odds that he won't have 2 great weeks in a row and start Dunn.

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I don't like Dillon this weekend. I think I would go with Dunn.

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dillion ain't going to get that many carries..still coming off of a inj... your best bet is to go with Dunn because TB can't get anything together...if you have anyone else with ATL you need to start them...I sure they'll put up close to 35 points...this is a great game for the ground and air...but keep a look out for next season..look to grab a new person from TB when they go somewhere in the top 5 in the draft

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W. Dunn

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heard maroney isn't playing so dillon will be getting all the carries...but I don't think he will be able to handle all the carries and will get weak and tired early on.

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