Anyone know how they pick the winners on NFL's fantasy football?

My boyfriend won his league, and they said the prizes were first place-a trip to the superbowl, second place-draft, and third football hall of fame. On his leagues home page they had congratulated him on winning and said to look for a little yelloe box in the corner of the page. We check his email and that website everyday until the actual superbowl and nothing happened. I just want someone who know to help me understand how they pick the winners who actually get the prizes cause according to them he was a winner. The site we played at was


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Usually playing on sites like that, you are playing against tens of thousands of people. He may have won his individual league but there were people overall on the whole site that had much better teams.

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similar to what Fozzy said, was just congratulating him on winning his personal league and they would be placing him into a contest to win one of those 3 prizes. Unfortunately for him, also places all the other winners for fantasy leagues in that contest as well and just picks the 3 winners at random.

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