12/16-17 Who to start? Brady,Rivers or V Young? I'm in the playoffs!?

I also have LT, Bush, Tony Gonzales, Colston, Booker, Cotchery ,MIa D, Gould/Chi Kick.----I,m benching SD "D", Keeshawn J., Joey Galloway, Julius Jones & Michael Turner!-----ANY SUGGESTIONS!


Should i go this week?

Brady vs Texans - It is a good match up so start him.
Rivers vs Chief - It is not a bad match up but I still would chose Brady.
V.Young vs Jaguars - Not a good match up this weekend.

Would you like to join my fantasy baseball league?

Start Brady!

How unreal is my fantasy baseball team?

I like Brady at home against Houston out of the dome and into the cold. Keep an eye on the weather though.

Need RB & QB help... please?

Brady. Surest bet. Young is still a rookie, and LT2 steals most TDs in SD.

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