Any closers in waiting?

I already have Nathan and Valverde but neither has gotten a single save this week. Are there any closers that are going to be losing there job or has recently been injured. Only couple on the wire is Soria, shields and Riske. Any Ideas? I thought about grabbing Capps out of PIT but he won't get many chances on that team. Thanks


What should i do with my fantasy team? (help!)?

pick up brad lidge if u can. hes about to come back!!!!

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Torres still has the Pit Job. SD and LA both have aging closers. Wtih Gagne being Gagne, Otsuka might not be a bad pick up.

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I just heard that the Phillies are going to put there opening day starter Myers in the closers role because of Gordon going on the DL. He's been in the bullpen for a while so now he's going to be the closer.

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i have capps and he will get saves because torre's job is in question..also try and get rafael soriano hes the new closer for the braves

I cant purchase the stat tracker for yahoo baseball.?

Wickman is out so picking up either Soriano or Gonzalez might be a good idea. Maybe see if Henry Owens is available, he is getting it done at the moment (4 saves). Have to agree with an earlier answer, Otsuka if he is available...cant envision Gagne staying healthy for any stretch of time. Some leagues actually have Myers available, a great pick up if he is available in your league. Capps might be among the better options, the Pirates will do better than the Royals (a couple of the guys you mention). Also keep an eye on the Toronto situation, Frasor may lose the job to Accardo very soon (maybe today).

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