Accept or reject? Dan Cabrera, Gary Sheff, Ryan Zimmerman for Juan Pierre and Ichiro?

Question:I have pierre and ichiro and i've been looking to trade them for quite awhile, but i have been unsuccessful. now i've been offered d. cabrera, g sheff, and r zimmerman for the two.

should i take it and run? or reject?

i dont really like pierre and ichiro is not stealing anymore for some reason. what do u think?


Should i...?

you should definitely not accept this trade because ichiro, when hes hot, hes the best leadoff hitter in the league. same with pierre: you have two of the fastest in baseball and theyll definitely steal a lot of bases.

in fantasy, steals are hard to come by and you have the best chance at getting them without jose reyes.

as for sheffield, he'll get better and hit some homers, but he wont have the great years like he had in years past. i think this because of the new enviornment. he'll walk and get driven in by maggs and guillen(who i love) but it wont be enough for you to trade for him

zimmerman is catching the sophmore slump and his prime wont be for several years, so you'll have to pass on him

as with cabrera, being a yankee fan, he's in an extremely competitive division where offense is present (blue jays have best mlb avg) and will get hit around in camden yards because of its hitter-friendly-ness. plus he's going to walk too many guys so get out of this trade NOW!

hope this helps

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reject it. ichiro and pierre will start to heat up soon, just be patient because their second half stats are usually much better than their first half stats. sheffield is a headcase and is getting old too. Dont make the trade

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reject this trade..they're definately getting the better of this trade if you do it

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Pierre and Ichiro for Cabrera, Shef, and Zimmerman?!?!

WOW, why would you even think about ACCEPTING this trade!?!?!?!?!

Cabrera sucks, Shef is good, and Zimmerman is decent but that Nationals lineup is HORRID!

DO NOT MAKE THIS TRADE...look for better

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horrible trade for u

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dude if you can make up Peirre's steals somewhere take this.
Sheffield is about to go on a roll big time.
Zimmerman is just solid
Caberera may or may not be really good but its better than the reality that I think you already know
Ichiro is not Ichiro anymore the dude only hits .300 to .320 and doesnt steal anymore, I found that out the hard way last year when he singled my fantasy team to dead last.

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