What RB should i start?

Pick 3.W. Parker, R. Brown, C. Benson, or Jones-Drew. Ronnie Brown is suppose to start, Parker is playing the Ravens, Benson should play alot against the Lions, and I will start Jones-Drew. What other 2 should I play?


For fantasy football do you think that Willie Parker is one of the top five running backs?

Tough decision...Willy P is awesome but he's facing an even more awesome defense (BAL) in legitimate contention for home field advantage should SD lose which means they'll be playing tough. As if they ever don't! Meanwhile Brown isn't a bad option against a mediocre Jets D and unlike other people's opinions I don't feel that Brown has been inconsistent. Of everything Miami has had this season, Brown has probably been the best of it. Plus it takes a decent QB to get the ball to the RB so he can do his magic, i.e. Roth to Willy P. So them Brown-bashers should be more optimistic that Miami has been somewhat more stable as of late at the QB position and now that Brown is back and HEALTHY (comon' a little hand injury) he could be a force this week. Jones-Drew would be a good start for sure if and only if Freddie doesn't start because he'll steal a lot of possible production from MJD if he does. Benson is likely to get some touches due to an ailing Jones but Grossman is heating up as of recently and Chi could be going to the air a bit more to try and polish Grossman for the playoffs and rest their RBs a touch. They have that option since they're going against a sour Det D. So it's up in the air but if it was me I would go Willy P and MJD (just barely over Brown)


i do not know but rb is my name

Lets say pedro martinez and roger clemens come back at the same time. Who would be a better fantasy pitcher?

you have to start hones-drew and benson and i wouls say brown because parker isnt ganna do good at all

Which of my four outfielders should I bench, and who should I start?

parker hes very consistent then again last time steelers got butt raped... yeah i would go brown and parker

Is this a fair trade?

I would start Benson, and Parker. Brown has been inconsistent, and he's coming off an injury.

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