**** Monta Ellis vs Danny Granger *******...

Question:need some advice as to who i should keep and who will just hurt me in the end. I am in a 10 team league. My team is as follows:

Dwyane Wade
(Mia - PG,SG)

Andrei Kirilenko
(Uta - SF,PF)

Tracy McGrady
(Hou - SG,SF)

Mo Williams
(Mil - PG)

Carlos Boozer
(Uta - PF,C)

Emeka Okafor
(Cha - PF,C)

Andrew Bogut
(Mil - PF,C)

Sam Cassell
(LAC - PG)

David West
(NOK - PF)

Josh Smith

Brandon Roy

Danny Granger

My team is currently 5th. I really need help boasting my rank. I know the people in sports1234.com are most helpful and knowledgable with this stuff.

I believe i need more assist and steals for my team.

Since the trade between Pacers and Warriors, Ellis is now coming off the bench, but still producing huge numbers on paper.

Granger is starting, and is scoring a bit more for Indiana and is not considered the second go to guy behing Jermaine.
Do you think Granger will out perform Ellis now?


2 trade scenarios I might throw out there - thoughts?

no ellis will still be better because the pacers will soon bench granger and start troy murphy or mike dunlevue, then he will lose even more playing time and when its all said and done ellis will still be the better one

What is a catchy name for Fantasy Baseball that has to do with the cubs?

i have both of those players granger/ellis.--(get rid of kirlilenko he suks this year-thats where u can pick up somebody that will help you).--both shoot the 3 well and are worth keeping for that stat

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