Am I crazy for thinking I should start Rattay at QB? Also, A. Boldin, D.J. Hackett or B. Edwards at 3rd WR?

I have Grossman at QB but I'm thinking they'll bench him. I have Houshmanzadeh and Coles at WRs.


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The Bears are not going to bench Grossman. He needs all the work he can get going into the postseason. He may not play the entire game next week, but they will not take him out this week. Rattay's numbers last week were flukey. The Bears D had called off the dogs and Rattay got lucky. Sit Hackett. Boldin should put up numbers against the 49ers D. Edwards could have a big game against the Bucs. But i would go with Boldin. The Cards have a better QB than the Browns.

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no way they will bench him also u can chek if they do but they keep winning so i dont think he gets benched
good wr
maybe tj and coles some where taking out dj but leave boldin hes been a play maker

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You are not crazy for thinking that at all. I woudl not want to take a chance at this time in Fantasyland. Start the sure starter and that too against a Cleveland defense. I am thinking about benching Hasselback for Rattay but am afraid to as Hassleback will be starting for sure. In your case Grossman is not sure to start. Also it's not like TB can run the ball. Even if Grossman start how likely is it that he plays in the second half? Not much
Third receiver choice would be Edwards against one of the worst pass defenses in the leaugue. Hasselback struggles without DJAX and is facing a strong Charger defense so Iwoudl avoid Hackett and AZ receivers a retoo inconsistent at this point.

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Grossman should be benched regardless. Don't let those last two game fool ya.

Braylon Edwards has caught a TD in his last 3 games. Jurevicious and Winslow ar dinged up. Cleveland is home in the cold against Tampa. Edwards all the way.

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They won't bench Grossman except to give him some rest. However, his streaky play may cause Smith to leave him in to get a little consistancy proir to the playoffs.

I would start Edwards of those 3.

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yea go with rattay and for yur 3rd wide out go with anquan whos going to tear up the niners secondary.

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