2 WR spots open...?

Question:who to play?
Berrian, Cotchery, S.Smith, R. Brown, or H. Ward


Who to start Rattay or Hasselback? Whats the story with Rattay, was last week a fluke?

Cotchery and Smith
Both have a lot to play for and both will show up.

I have Glenn, Housh and Caldwell. I can only start 2, this is the playoffs, please advise!!?

smiths a lock. then go with brown

Will Warrick Dunn start and play tonight?

Berrian, Cotchery

Nfl fantasy football?

Smith is a must start... The second WR depends on what you need. If you are the favorite, start Ward and play it safe. If you need some luck to win, go with Berrian and hope that Grossman can get him some long balls.

Should i pick him up?

Smith no da...if dont start him u r truly dumb.Other one i would say reggie brown playing agaist a cowboy D that let M Vick go off so smith and brown!

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