Zambrano,Pierre, Konerko, Benitez for Andruw Jones and Ryan Howard?

Who thinks an Owner in my league in need of some Good Starting Pitching and a Closer will take Carlos Zambrano, Juan Pierre, Paul Konerko, Armando Benitez for Andruw Jones and Ryan Howard?


For week 15 in fantasy football who should I start, Willis McGahee or Edgerrin James?

It's not worth it to give up all of those players for Andruw Jones and Ryan Howard. Jones might hit for power, but his batting average stinks (he is currently hitting .235 and hit .262 last season.) Konerko will be just about as good as Howard this season and Pierre and Zambrano alone are worth more than Jones plus you are giving away a closer in Benitez.

Too much to give up, I wouldn't do it.

How's my Fantasy Baseball team?

I'd say he would take it, but only because you are giving him way to much. Zambrano always has had bad aprils, and Konerko will turn it around. Jones will KILL your AVG., and Howard will be pitched around all year

PLEASE rate this fantasy baseball team 1-100, please rate in casue half the draft it was on auto draft.?

you are giving him alot for those two players

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