ABout roster positions on your fantasy team?

Question:im in a head to head league with some friends. i wanted to know if a person HAD to be playing that position in real life to get the points from him on the fantasy roster... for example... i have ivan rodriguez and on yahoo sports fantasy he is listed as a first baseman and a catcher. IF i put him in at first base but in real life he is playing catcher, would i still get points for whatever he does during the game?
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Yes you still get his stats regardless of where he is playing... Also for future reference if you think one of your players say Ryan Theriot is getting OF eligibility Yahoo Fantasy has a Position Eligibilty Check...

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Yes, regardless of where he actually plays during the game, you get the points wherever you put him in your starting lineup.

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You will get points no matter what position he plays(besides pitcher I guess). That is why players that qualify for mulitple positions are so valuable.

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No sir... Whatever position the player is eligible for, as long as he is part of your playing roster that day, he will accumulate points.

In a H2H league, multi-position players are valuble.

Hope this helps.

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yes you get point for any position he plays

unless it is a pitcher who hits

you dont get stats for hitter who pitch or pitcher who hit

otherwise if he dh's plays first he will generate stats for you

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For your fantasy team to earn points, all that matters is that Rodriguez is playing the game in real life. It does not matter which position he plays during the game, nor does it matter whether you play him at Catcher, first base or Utility.

If he is playing the game in real life, he will earn you points at any position you play him at.

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