Anybody have an opinion on Sosa?

Question:Mauer went down and I need to make room on my roster? I have lots of outfielders

Carlos Lee
Josh Hamilton
Alfonso Soriano
Slammin' Sammy
Raul Ibanez
Chone Figgins

Of that group it seems Sammy or Ibanez are the logical cuts? Sosa has been having a decent season so far, Ibanez has sucked. Will Sammy put together a full years work and be worth keeping? Or should I cut Ibanez?


Why isn't there WNBA fantasy leagues?

keep Sosa he will be your 3rd or forth OFer and a better long term option tha Ibanez

based on previous year Ibanez will get you 20 homers at the most and sammy 40 in a off year

unless hes playing for baltimore

Do you think Al Harrington and Jackson are good players?

Cut Sammy. He wont hold up all year.

Norwood or Dunn? For tonights game please read!?

Cut Ibanez ,Sammy never hits in April and he did this year he is just going to get hotter.

Help with a trade?

Get rid of Ibanez.

Who should I start, Jackson against Bears D or Betts against Eagles D?

he no good no mo

If I have one year stats on a card is that considered a rookie card or second year card?

sammy is a wild card, but it looks like heel keep it up, and hes on the right team to put up numbers, ibenez has to go

Bobby Abreu for Jason Bay?

Cut Sammy. Definately don't do Hamilton, because he will have a breakout year (cuz he might creep into your mind). Everybody has hot aprils. Look at Kinsler, 9 HR in april then in the last week he's hittin under .120. Get rid of sammy, ibanez hit 33 big ones last year while drivng in 123 ribbies. .289 average. Now let's look at Sosa's last year: 14 HR, 45 RBI, and .221 average. Phhhphhhtt...

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