Ahh!!!!!!! Should I be crying rite now?

Are the rumors that Peyton Manning may be signing with the Patriots true??? If so I, the biggest Peyton Manning/COlts fan in the entire world am seriously about to start crying. WAH!


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No, it is absolutely untrue and I would not get any sports news from whatever source you heard that from. I follow sports day and night, and i never even heard a rumor about this, let alone a story.
He just restructured his deal yesterday to save the Colt's all kinds of money over the next few years, does that sound like the behavior of someone ready to leave?

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Not gonna' happen. Wait, let me think....NOPE!!

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He restructured his contract to help the Colts stay below the salary cap. I wouldn't worry about him going anywhere.

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I don't think so considering just yesterday he

Peyton Manning has agreed to restructure his contract with the Indianapolis Colts to save the team nearly $8 million in salary-cap space.

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I am not sure where you heard that rumor, but Peyton Manning just restrucutred his contract to give the Colts more salary cap room. His bonus will now be spread over the remaiing years of his contract.

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No you should not be crying because Peyton Manning is not going anywhere. First off he just won the Superbowl and there could be no way he would be leaving the Colts and second, he has spent his whole career with the Colts i don't think that he would want to go to another team and third, he signed a 7 year contract in the beginning of 2004 which means he still has 3 years on his contract which means he'll be there at least until 2011.

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oh I hope now I will cry with you

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wow whoever u heard that from is lying big time out of their freaking ***

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come on, that can never happen, he has a long term contract

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Impossible. Peyton will stay on the Colts and Brady will stay on the Patriots and be their starters for at least another few years. Imagine if they switched teams? That would be crazy, however very unlikely!

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i am a patriots fan and i REALLLYYYYY doubt there are going to sign him they all ready have tom brady so dont worry that will not happen unless tom brady leaves the pats which i doubt that to

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No thats not true. He is working out another contract with the colts. Besides peyton is a starter not a backup and the pats have tom brady.

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Nope, aint gona happen.

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NO... I don't think so... In fact I know not. Did you listen to a certain Y!A abusing IDIOT?

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He just resigned with the Colts. I m a Colts fan too but and I am not worried.

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