Are the Bears going to sit Rex Grossman this week since they have clinched homefield?


Week 14 Fantasy Football, which RB?

according to the radio here in Chicago, he is starting...they plan on playing all their starters. I can't guarentee a full game though!!

How can you rejoin a fantasy league, private or public, after restoring your system?


Which 2 RB's should i start, corey dillion vs texans, edge james vs broncos or willis mcgahee vs the dolphins?

He'll probably play the first half just to keep him fresh, but don't look for him after that.

I am working out a trade to get Carl Crawford for Manny Ramirez and possibly Valverde. Am I offering enough?

I dont believe they will. Grossman needs more confidence going into the playoffs and what better matchup than the Lions to do that. I think he will start and play well against a bad Detroit D.

Who will be the top 5 WR in fantasy football this year?

Look for Grossman to start the game and for Griese to come in later in the game.

This is my fantasy baseball team. please rate it?

I doubt it. Especially in light of the fact that his level of play has just now gotten back on track. They will most likely play him most of this game and the part of the last game. At least that's what I would do.

OT: Fred Miller is 34 years old and fellow tackle John Tait is 32, so an early play for someone like Joe Stale

Yea. So don't play him for fantasy football, I can guarantee you wont win if you do.

What is the best team in NFL this season so far?

It's possible along with Thomas Jones. They don't want either of them injured before the post season.

Who to start?

I hope so

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