1st base trade?..?

I want to trade 1st basemen...who you think i should trade between Albert Pujols & Justin Morneau...


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Pujols is the best player for Fantasy Baseball. But he should not be untouchable. You have Morneau, see what you get offered for Pujols. You may get two full-time players and a pitcher. Remember, trades do not need to be even in numbers. You can trade one player and get 2 or 3 others for him.

If you do have the utility player on the roster, I would really think about keeping both. Just plug them in the lineup and never touch those two spots.

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It is a tough call, Albert Pujols is Albert Pujols, so you want him on your team. On the other hand, because he is the consensus number one pick people would be willing to overpay for him. That being said, I say move Morneau

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I would trade Morneau. Both will produce and I say it would be better to put one at utility, but if you wanna move one, trade Morneau.

Pujols is the best, plain and simple. You will never get a guy who produces those home runs, those RBI's, that kinda batting average and he ranks among the top of 1st basemen in runs. I'm guessing if you sell the fact Morneau is the reigning A.L. MVP, guys will overpay. You can probably get a good outfielder and a mediocre pitcher like Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito.

Pujols is irreplaceable, and you can still get a good price for Morneau.

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Unless you really need something badly on your team don't trade either. Put Pujols at 1B and Morneau at Util. If you don't have a Util position or you really do need something trade Justin Morneau.

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Trade Monreau,both very good player but Pujols is just a little better.

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you must be a idot trade away justin morneau and keep pujols did u see his numbers last year

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What some of these other sports1234.com members have said is truer than you may think about managers overpaying for Pujols. I recently watched someone give up Andruw Jones, Jose Reyes, Justin Verlander & another top 25 player i don't recall off the dome at the moment, for Pujols & Tom Gordon.

Now would you do a trade like that? Of course... especially with Morneau to play your 1B, it's a very safe move and a high upside move. But if someone's only offering you equal for Pujols.. then don't trade him and get what u need in your infield for Morneau.


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