Fantasy Football Week 15 - Hasselbeck or Grossman?

I've hated riding the Grossman rollercoaster this season, but he looked decent last game. For week 15 Hasselbeck or Grossman? I appreciate your input.


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Hasselback, week 15 is to critical for the unknown, in most leagues this is playoffs

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Hasselbeck. Now that Alexander is back, the offense is more balanced. Defenses have to watch more for the run, so play action with Alexander opens up the pass offense. GL.

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That's a hard one, but I'd have to go with Grossman, yes he has been a rollercoaster ride, but he's playing a horrible Buc's defense. Plus once Seattle gets into the redzone, Hasslebeck's just going to dump it off to Alexander

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Hasselbeck. Keep in mind Bobby Engram is back this week, and he's Hasselbeck's dependable third-down receiver.

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Grossman, the pressures off now that he has some of the most craptacular teams to face. Remember how well he did at the beginning of the season? I think we'll see that again.
I just don't see much in Hasselbeck's stats that make me lean that way.

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Hasselbeck, he'll torch the Niners D at home, even w/o D Jackson

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That is a good question but I think your odds are better going with Hasselback and the upside is much greater. Hasselback at home facing a questionable "D" backfield he can go off and has.
I might be a little anti Grossman as he is my back up QB and the both times I started him he had the worst 2 days I have ever seen a QB have. Also, Chicago just played on Monday and everybody is raving how well Grossman played but he only through for a little over 200 yds and a couple of TD's. Hasselback is getting better every start since he has come back from his injury and I think this is his break out week!

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