Anybody know when Pedro Martinez is getting back this year?

hes on my fantasy team and i cant find anywhere an estimated time table of when he'll return


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According to the Mets website Pedro is scheduled to return sometime in late July to early August and he has just now started throwing, lightly. Right now that time frame looks pretty firm barring any setbacks.

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Pedro will not be back until August or maybe late July if lucky. He is not of much value right now, but if he comes back getting wins will be a solid pick-up for going into the playoffs for both the Mets and your Fantasy Team. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on him. He is also due to start throwing off a mound sometime in June. Right now Pedro is in Long Toss Mode. Pedro will be back next year, and probably will win 15 games again so go figure.

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After the All-Star Break

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Estimated time table I heard from Peter Gammons was somtime in August.

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He is on the 15 day DL, but that doesn't mean much since teams push that back from week to week. If he comes back within a month or so, he probably won't be throwing at 100%. I just lost Carpenter for the season, and Felix Hernandez keeps getting bumped back from week to week on the DL so I feel your pain.

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