Any Bluejays fans? Got extra info on Jason Frasor?

i have 11 pitchers on my fantasy team, 8 of them being closers(myers, street, jenks, torres, owens, benitez, soria, frasor. i only have 10 batters so i was thinking of either dropping a part time closer like frasor. Is there any word on him on how long he will remain a closer? i think he blew his last 2 chances. any news from toronto about the closer role? any1 have any advice who i should get rid of or trade?


Fantasy Baseball, Bartolo Colon?

If you need to carry that many closers, that is one strange league. You ought to be looking to add players via trade - I doubt anyone else has more than 3-4 closers. Trade the iffy guys asap to people in need of saves - Torres, Owens, Frasor. You should be able to get a better bat than would be available on the FA wire.

What are your thoughts on my Fantasy Baseball team? Any suggestions?

Torres and Frasor will both lose their jobs in the next two weeks, so they both need to be dropped. There is no need to have eight closers on any time, anyway. There are only five spots for them!

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