Anyone have some Sleepers for the 2007 baseball season in regards to starting pitching?

I am not really looking for the popular sleepers such as Phillip Hughes and Homer Bailey, but guys who have shown improvement or have a better chance of turning it up a notch. For example, something along the lines of Chin Mien Wang or Scott Olsen during 2006?


How's my fantasy baseball team look?

I called Scott Olsen as a great pick in like February of last year, and he was stellar.

For this year I'd say:
Yusmeiro Petit - Marlins
Ian Snell - Pirates
Adam Wainwright - Cards

All need to get their walks down, but their upside is great.

Don't Overlook:
El Duque

How is my Fantasy Baseball Team?

clay hensley for padres was solid last year should be money, Joe saunders for angels is a decent pick, Matt Cain for giants was outstanding last year he had a chance to throw a no-hitter every time he stepped on the mound. Anthony reyes should be a breakout year for cardinals he was very good in the playoffs. these guys should give you 10-15 wins they are good pitchers, just try and get good pitchers who will get run support.

Fantasy Baseball Trade?

Chuck James- for Atlanta he ended the season well last year.

Chris Young- wont go in the late rounds but people will forget him because he doesn't play in that big of a market

And whoever the White Soxes 5th starter is- they'll get wins because of the strong lineup

Pitching 1-10?

Brandon McCarthy with the Rangers will excel as a starter even in a hitters ball park. And not really a sleeper but a lot of people forgot about is Ben Sheets because when he is healthy he is lights out. Sheets would be a good late pick.

Crappy Position in the Draft Order. Who should I go for?

dave bush-Mil brewers
Mark Prior- will play better with better team
Aaron Cook

How do i look up baseball, football, basketball, and race cards online?

Anthony Reyes and Adam Wainright. Those two are going to dominate the National League next year while pitching in the Rotation.

Who is this trade better for?

I agree with the Brandon Mcarthy choice

Which Broncos QB do you like Jake Plummer or Jay Cutler?

igawa,pettite (yankees) not zito,

Which QB to Start?? Vince Young or Marc Bulgar?

Sorry wish I could help you on that one.

Good Luck

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