Another Trade Question!?

Question:From the guy that made the dumb trade, here is another question:

My rotation is now full of young guns: Bonderman, Greinke, Owings, Lincecum, Lohse, Vargas

In essence, I have an extra arm there. My 1B is not doing well: Wigginton and Nady. Does it make sense to trade Greinke and either Nady or Wigginton for a better 1B?


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Greinke is not that Great, and he plays for the Royals even worse. In my Fantasy Leagues I've never even seen him on a team. Greinke is also 1-3 this year and has a MLB Record of 15-31 and an ERA of 4.956. Drop Greinke. Lohse hasn't had a winning season since 2003, so don't get your hopes up this year. Claudio Vargas is 2-0 with 29Ks in 22.0 Innings, this is a good guy to have for an up and comer. Owings isn't looking that bad either 1-1 and should have a Win last night, but my Mets knocked around Valverde in the 9th. This will happen to Owings a couple more times because of the poor Closers of the D Backs. Licencum is a Great Pick-up though. He gets his first go on Sunday vs. The Phillies. Yes, I would get someone better check the waiver wire for someone that maybe plays 1st and another position, that is doing well. Or even make a trade if possible put someone on the Trading Block and say Open To All Offers and put you need a 1st Baseman... They will come to you. Also ditch Nady he is hurt right now, and you can probably pick up a guy like Mike Jacobs of the Marlins or Kevin Youkilis off of Waivers depending on how deep your league is.

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hol on to wigg, he will get hot later but yes i would trade for a better 1 baseman

Should I make this trade, why or why not?

yes... throw some trade offers out there. Can't hurt to offer some trades to people

What would you do with my team?

Nady has been hurt he may be worth a wait and see.

What do you think abou this trade?

get garko or thornson (or whatever atlanta 1st baseman's name is) and you are set at 1st.

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