Are there any good rankings of fantasy baseball players for keeper leagues?


What are the odds that these players will have a decent year?

Many times those rankings are a good start, they only take some tweaking for keeper leagues. Your top players will always be the same, with only slight adjustments made by age (ex: Prince Fielder may jump over some players due to long term potential). Always draft the best player on the board early on, and only really use age as a tie breaker in between the two. Later in the draft you may start to move players around a lot more by age as parody becomes a bigger issue.

What players in fantasy baseball to pick up?

i dont quite understand your question.

In my basketball pool.would you Drop Ilgauskaus and ADD Zaza Pachulia??

Concentrate on winning this year. That is all that should matter for you right now. If it is close between a guy that is 27 or a guy that is 37, take the 27 year old. Other than that take the best player available that will help you.

Don't worry about next year!

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