A Rod for Vlad and Zambrano?

I was offered Vlad and Zambrano for my Arod. I need RBI's and another decent Pitcher. Thoughts? Yay or Nay. Thanks


Fantasy baseball keeper league?

Guerrerro and Zambrano is a big Yes.
You get two stars for one. Alex Rodriguez is not going to hit 60 home runs or have 200 RBI.

Getting rid of Crawford and Bonderman is a big NO.
Both players are coming into their prime, expecially Bonderman as he is only 24 years old. Crawford will get 30+ steals even though he is now batting third and getting more RBI than ever before.

Albert pujols and carl crawford FOR carlos delgado, alfonso soriano, and josh beckett?

yes. id do it. even though carlos zambrano has not been doing hot, he is starting to come back. when he gets back i the groove he will win a lot more. sice you need more RBIs and a better pitcher, i would do this deal.

On the other hand, Arod does have more RBIs. so it wouldnt be helping you out with RBIs at all, but 2 for 1 sounds like a great deal.

In fantasy baseball, what is "whip"?

I'd say yes to both. A-Rod is cooling off after his hot start. Think of it this way, he has already hit 13 of his usually 40 something. Not only do you get Vlad to fill his void you also get Zambrano who is waiting to explode. Manny has been cold too, but he is always this way in the beginning and then goes on a tear, and Papelbon is on the ML Leading Red Sox. You know he will get 40 saves and some wins in there. I'd take both in a heartbeat.

New fantasy sports league...two more players needed?

Do it. AROD has been hot but that is the hottest it gets...vlad and zambrano...i would do it

Should I trade tejada for vernon wells or manny ramirez?

vlad will be good but dunno on zambrano

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