* PLEASE HELP WITH nba FANTASY League!! ***?

Question:I need some advice as to who i should keep and who will just hurt me in the end. I am in a 10 team league. My team is as follows:

Richard Jefferson

Andrei Kirilenko
(Uta - SF,PF)

Tracy McGrady
(Hou - SG,SF)

Mo Williams
(Mil - PG)

Carlos Boozer
(Uta - PF,C)

Emeka Okafor
(Cha - PF,C)

Andrew Bogut
(Mil - PF,C)

Sam Cassell
(LAC - PG)

David West
(NOK - PF)

Josh Smith

Brandon Roy

Jason Richardson
(GS - SG,SF)

I had the personal joy in dropping WADE after his dislocation. I picked up R. Jefferson in place of him.
I was wondering if i should drop Kirilenko for Darko Milicic. He is in a starting role now and im tired of holding on to AK47. Its only his name that is worthy.
Im afraid that Milicic will go back to bench after Battie comes back.

Some more FA:
Zaza Pachulia
Darko Milicic
Zo Mourning
Troy Murphy

Should i drop anybody or i have a solid team. PLease Help, injuries are killing me


Fantasy Baseball League?

Your team looks very solid. I think you should hold on to AK and leave your team as it is, for now.

Do you know what a DVDA is ?

i would pick up troy Murphy and drop kirilenko murphy could average a double double playin next to j. oneal

Trade Advice Do or Don't?

Nene would be a good pick up if available. I would hold on to AK as he will give you production. RJ is due back in 2 weeks so its really up to you if you can wait or not. Montae Ellis is nasty if he's around too.

Keeper League Rankings...Who is better?

dont pick up darko keep keirilinco

Good trade.. or no?

It looks like your guard play is very weak. I'd try to trade some of your depth at bigman for some guard play. Maybe try to get a guy like Rafer Alston or Luke Ridnour. Of the people available I would pick up Darko, he's playing well, you could drop AK-47 if he's hurt for any period of time. BUt really you don't need any of those people because you have a lot of bigmen.

Wat u think about my fantasy baseball team?

ur team is messed up by injuries, bro!!
drop: ak47- out for season
boozer-out for season
KEEP: t-mac
u should do good

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