Albert Pujols for Johan Santana?

Question:Should I do it. Here's My team if it will help you make your decision:


C-Johnny Estrada
1B-Albert Pujols
2B-B.J. Upton
3B-Miguel Cabrera
SS-Jimmy Rollins
OF-Vernon Wells
OF-Aaron Rowand
OF-Kelly Johnson
UTIL-Justin Morneau
Bench-Shane Victorino
Bench-Orlando Hudson
Bench-Curtis Granderson

P-Tim Hudson
P-James Shields
P-Al Reyes
P-Bobby Jenks
P-Rafael Soriano
P-Fausto Carmona
Bench-Oliver Perez
Bench-Ted Lilly


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Do it - Santana is the best player in Fantasy BB, and you need a horse on your P staff.

You have other hitters that can give you good numbers, and you should be fine. Plus then you have the option of packaging one of your extra OF and a SP for another hitter or two.

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Never trade an excellent pitcher for an excellent hitter. You always lose. Pitching is still the name of the game.

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Yes - you should do it. You definately don't have a ace, plus you can put Morneau at 1B and play Victorino or Granderson. You can proably pick up some help at 1B to back up pretty cheaply.

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yes. then you could give victorino some more playing time at utlity.

you might lose out on a AP hot streak...but lets be real its a month and half now and he's still not hitting the ball very much. hey all great players have a down year. this might be AP'S. here's a little fact very few know about-over the last 2 years he's been battling feet injuries, but rarely misses games because he's been a trooper,well i think he's still trying to play through it-but its showing more now.

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hurry! do it NOW! Santana is above and beyond at SP he will help with W, ERA, WHIP and K. Pujols is having an off year and you can slide Morneau into 1b and rotate UT to get SB from Victorino and other stats from Granderson. You can also trade one of them plus one of your SP for a stand out and end up with better pitching AND better hitting.

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Santana is just dominant, best SP option by far. You can't come close to his numbers with anyone else right now.

You can pick up enough offense to offset trading Pujols. You have some depth and can probably find another 1B to back up Morneau pretty easily.

Do it...

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At first, when i saw your question, i said hell no. But after looking at your team, you are solid at offense with Cabrera, Rollins, Wells, Upton, and Morneau, and you have absolutely no Starting Pitching except for what you picked up off of waivers im assuming. Make this trade, it will benefit you.

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