A- rod for?

Would you rather have Francisco Rodriquez and Vlad Guerrero or A-rod. I want to add one more closer to Nathan and Valverde and got offered this, he said he'd take Crawford too? What do you guys think?


Overall Impression of this team?

no way

no no no

valverde and nathan are the two saves leaders. you really need more??

look for otzuka or benitez on waivers.

you cant lose arod for saves. dude, saves is one category. ONE! arod is BA OBP OPS RBI RUNS HRs... need i say more.

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id do it ur getting vlad who is equal to a rod and then some by getting f-rod(lol f-rod) whois a great closer.

Carson it is but then what recivers?

i would take F-Rod and Vlad for A-Rod. I know A-Rod is going to have a great year but you are getting 2 great players.

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Should i do this trade?

The only combo i'd take for Arod that include a RP & OF.

Beltran & Nathan

How do I fix this?

I wouldn't trade A-Rod for anything. He will *slow down* but I don't think it will be drastic, and he will set a record in at least one major category.
He seems pissed and out to prove something, so he can leave the NYY, give them the finger, and go play elsewhere.

I think you'll have buyers remorse on this one.

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I would keep K-Rod and Vlad, especially if you have Crawford too. Combined, Vlad and Crawford will put up better numbers than A-Rod, plus you get to keep one of the most dominant closers in the game. A-Rod is solid, but he won't keep up the production that he pumped out in May.

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