Annoying trade?

Question:this guy keeps offering me this trade

I would be giving away
Derek Lee

i would be getting
Andruw Jones
Paul Konerko
Orlando Cabrera
Rich Hill
Al Reyes

this is a really bad trade for me right ?
is there like a way to block his trade proposals?


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The big reason it is a bad trade is because you would have to drop several other players to accept the trade. But if I were you I woulnd't want to block the proposal. Just let them sit there. Then if Lee or J-Roll has a season-ending injury accept the trade and screw him over.

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Actually that looks like a pretty good deal for you.

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I personally can't see how Derek Lee is worth 5 players myself.

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deal doesn't look that bad, as long as you got 3 guys you dont have a problem cutting.

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I like dinkle's answer!

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No way is it fair. Rollins is one of the best SS in the game and Cabrera towards the middle-bottom in fantasy. Lee is running with the batting tilte now. A Jones is bound to get injured soon, Konerko is having one of his worst years. Reyes is not going to hold up, I mean he is on the Devil Rays! Hill is probably the only good guy you are getting in exchange but I cant know if he is even worth it because i dont know youre pitchers and how much hitting you need. Also, Lee is a first-second rounder in most leagues.Hill since he is a pitcher and has not significantly proven himself is probably no higher then an 8th rounder. As for blocking trades i dont know which site youre having your leagueso i cant really help. some leagues have a commish and he can do a/t so if you do ask him. (Yahoo has that.) If not, then you should probably email the site that is holding your league and ask them what to do.

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Im not a fan of these 4 for 1 or 5 for 2 trades.. they are really pointless in most circumstances.

Why would you want to give away two of your star players for 5 players that are either struggling or just not that good to begin with?

If anything, Jones and Konerko are going to hurt you dearly. Hill has been struggling lately and has given up alot of runs. Cabrera is a last-resort type SS that you dont want to give up j-roll for. Reyes wont have nearly as many chanes for saves as other closers do because the devil rays are going to lose upwards of 100 games this year. From every way you look at it, this trade is just no good.

Not only do you have to deal with that, you also have to drop 3 other people from your team. Seems like one big inconvienance to me, I personally wouldn't do this trade.

And as for being able to block trade proposals.. I don't think its possible.

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If they are working on what you have listed in the needs column, then they may be trying to make the best deal possible to meet two sets of needs(yours and theirs). The trade actually doesn't look all that bad. You cannot block trade proposals partially due to the fact that fantasy sports are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible without having to fork out millions to own a real team.

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Talk to the commisioner and tell him to lock him from doing trades.

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No, that isn't that terrible. Actually you are getting pretty good talent back.

The problem is figuring out who you would cut.

Myself I wouldn't do it. I would make him a counter offer asking for his #1 starter with Jones, Konerko, and Cabrera. Throw in your bottom SP and see what happens. This guy sounds desperate, you might be able to get more..alot more.

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