Anyone have extra info on Brett Myers?

i have him on my fantasy team but i'm not sure if i should keep him. he was a bad starting pitcher and i read earlier in the week in the players notes that he might be the closer in the future. i'm not sure if that is true since flash gordan is their closer now, is he worth keeping around? is he a free agent in your fantasy league?


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Myers is a keeper, period. Even if they move him to closer, by now most descent closers are unavailable in the yahoo leagues. Myers has the makeup to be an effective closer plus his stuff is filthy. He will be an upgrade over Tom Gordon who coincidently is a converted starter

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I played with Brett Myers and the funny thing is that his stuff is rediculous. What I would suggest is to keep him for the next month. What is going to happen is he is going to come in and get guys out. Treat him like a good set up pitcher right now. your league probably goes on era,whip,wins,saves,k's, right? Well if he pitches 1 inning or 2 inning is relieve, he will get you K's and lower era and maybe chances for wins.
What I think is going to happen is that someone is going to get hurt or someone will start getting lit up and he will resume his starting position. But for now he is a good set-up pitcher!
He won't be the closer!

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Fantasy Analysis
Myers, the opening day starter, was sent to the bullpen last week amid speculation he eventually would replace Gordon as the closer. But manager Charlie Manuel isn't ready to make that switch. "Brett will get some chances. The more he pitches, the better he's going to get," Manuel said. "This is a role he has to get used to." Myers pitched two scoreless innings against the Marlins, though he allowed four hits. We still expect him to go back into the rotation at some point, but now is nothing more than a middle relief option. Stash him in deep Fantasy leagues if you can for what should be his inevitable return to the rotation.
(Updated 04/28/2007).

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Despite what the two previous people said, I dropped Myers, and have done well. Gordon is struggling, yes, but there is no gurantee that Myers will do better. If you are looking for a closer I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you pick Owens from the Marlins, who recently took over. He will rack up saves and Ks. Drop Myers and pick up Owens.

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I heard that the reason they took Myers out of the starting rotation and put Lieber in is because the Phillies plan on trading Lieber in the future and they want other teams to get a good look at his stuff. Once they trade Lieber, Brett will be put right back into the starting rotation.

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