Am I overreacting or is this trade really uneven?

Question:Ramón Hernández (Bal - C)
David Wright (NYM - 3B)
Jeff Francoeur (Atl - RF)
Carlos Guillén (Det - SS)


Joe Mauer (Min - C)
Ichiro Suzuki (Sea - CF,RF)
Travis Hafner (Cle - Util)
James Shields (TB - SP)

I'm not looking so much at Shields... But that's 3 Top 50 players for 1.


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Best way to decide is to look at the rosters of the guys trying to make the deal. if it looks as though one guy is loading up and the other is positon gutted it is a sham deal but if the positional needs of each fit the guys involved i am not sure this is as lopsided as it might appear. The 2 catchers are a lot closer in numbers than people think (Mauer gets the ink, Hernandez should also, his numbers are dominating as well). Hafner is an outstanding hitter who will likely land on the DL at some point so in the end Francoeur might have comparable numbers (Hafner will hit for a much better ave. but the rest of the numbers are close). Compare Wright and Suzuki and what you end up with is sacrificing SB for power, the rest of the numbers again are comparable. Guillen (provided the health remains) is a 20/20, .300 hitter and at least for now is a better fantasy option that Shields but dont underestimate how good Shields is (check his K/BB per inning...a great indicator of how he will do overall). Like I said if the position needs make sense for each guy this is a pretty even overall just need to look past the Top 50 draft slots (but i understand how easy it is to notice that part).

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Sounds very uneven

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It looks even to me talent wise. The reason you think it isn't is because some of these guys are off to slow starts.

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Depends on team needs. Hernandez is a decent replacement for Mauer (although not equal). I assume Wright fills a need, despite a slow start. Guillen is a 20/20 SS. Francouer is very good in non-OBP/OPS leagues. Shields is still kind of an unknown, but looks sharp so far. I think you are overreacting to a point. Hafner and Ichiro are studs, no doubt, but if a guy feels he is addressing needs and may have a few more moves up his sleeve, who are we to tell him how to run his team? I commish 2 leagues, and although I would only accept the Hafner side on that, you can't end stupidity regardless of how hard you may try. If the guy isn't dumping and there is no collusion, I'd say let it go and just keep thumping the participants in the standings.

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very uneven don't do it

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I would take the second group of players if I were you, with Mauer who is arguably the best catcher out there, Suzuki who although is slumping will get you his 200 hits and Hafner who has the most grand slams over the past three years of any active player you simply can't go wrong. Oh yeah and throw in shields who is striking out opponents at a ridiculous rate. Do the trade if it is still on the books.

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That is unbelievably unfair. Mauer, Ichiro, and Hafner?? Plus Shields is an up and coming pitcher. Veto that!

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Rediculous trade.

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id rather have the 2nd gorup for sure, wright will come around and guillen is solid but no thanks

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I get the whole 3 Top 50 for 1 thing. But in depends on who in the top 50 your getting. Wright will turn things around and Francouer will be a top 50 player by the end of the season. He has been a stud prospect for a long time and he showd flashed the last two seasons and now everything is coming together this season. Guillen is very underrated. Hernandez should put up better power numbers than Mauer and be close in rbi's. Hafner is an MVp by season's end and ichiro and mauer hit for average and net you steals but Suzuki doesn't give much in terms of power of rbi's. Your giving up alot of power and getting back alot in steals and little better with average. You have to look at your team and see can your team withstand the power and rbi loss. If you pulled the trade you would excel in average, steals and runs. Lose some in rbis but alot in power but be middle of the road in these categories. But your getting 3 trades for 2 which means you could get more in return if you decided to trade these guys later. COnsider what I said but jsut given what you said I would make the deal and see if I could make up the power from the waiver wire.

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The quantity of players is rare/unusual but whether or not you're overreacting would depend on the comparative stats of each player. You would have to compare both players that play the same position and their stats against each other to get an even comparison. The only player that you can't do that with would be the pitcher.

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