Adrian Peterson?

Rumor has it that Peterson has his 40 yard dash up to 4.29...if he does that at the combine, will a team trade up to get him? If so what team?


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i think if their was a team that would trade up it would be the jets

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One of the best college running backs

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With a good combine, even without I say the latest he goes is 3 to the Browns. A 4.29 would mean whoever wants him would likely have to trade with the Lions where it shouldn't be hard to fleece Millen.

Rate my fantasy baseball team?

He should go to the Patriots, since they lost Dillon. Although realistically he will go to the Browns as the 3rd pick because they need a running game. Actually they need a new player at every positions.

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I still think he goes to the Browns theirs to many good rbs in the draft to reach too high on one... however I do think the raiders would be best served by jumping down a few spots and picking up extra picks they could still get quinn @4 or 5!

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If he runs a 4.29 that is corner speed and simply astonishing with the size that he has. The problem is that most of the teams picking in the top 10 are pretty good at RB. I could see Atlanta moving up to get him, Cleveland, Huston also probably.

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i wouldnt believe that the browns, lions, or raiders would trade out of their spots to let someone get Peterson because all three need a running back, but a team that I believe needs a back is the Denver Broncos

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