Aaron Hill?!?! Is this guy for real?

is this guy really gonna keep this up all year?? another homr today... man he's on fire. i mean i cant complain i have him on just about all of my fantasy teams.


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Alright lets check this out. One of the most telling statistics to see if improvement has taken place is the Strikeout to Walk Ratio. Seemingly unimportant, it can tell you a lot about a batter that you may need to know, but in some cases it may not. From last year, he has improved to around 1.8 : 1 K:BB Ratio compared to his 1.6 : 1 K:BB Ratio last year. Aaron Hill is just 100 At Bats or so into the '07 Season, so there is always the chance that he will revert to '06 form which is not to say is bad but more of a demotion from the state at which he is at right now. His Home Runs have improved astonishingly, and I feel it is safe to say that his power has increased. Whether it is his plate knowledge or his brute strength can change matters dramatically. He should improve immensely in some categories, and will be a top 2nd basemen in '08 Fantasy Drafts. At this point in the season, anything can happen. Players get hot and cold all the time. Don't be to quick to judge him and trade to quickly for him, but if he slumps don't be to quick to drop him. I've been trying to get him in my league for some time, but no luck.

good luck in ur leagues

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Aaorn hill is for real and will only get better because of his position in the line up, with wells and thomas and nonw troy glaus hill is going to get a lot more good looks to hit out of the park.

Career he is hitting 287 with an OBP347 and SLUG 403 so he is no slouch at the plate but with the other big boys have to pitch to some one.

You can also note that he it number 6 tonght against cleveland

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