Please rate my line-up and give advice?

Question:14 TEAM H/H LEAGUE

C: I. Rodriguez
1B: J. Giambi
2B: C. Utley
3B: G. Atkins
SS: H. Ramirez
OF: A. Jones
OF: J. Francouer
OF: B. Giles
Util: T. Hafner
Bench hitters: Upton, Tavares, Laroche

SP: J. Bonderman
SP: M. Cain
SP: AJ. Burnett
SP: B. Penny
SP: J. Maine
RP: T. Jones
bench: R. Clemens, S. Olsen, J. Hirsh

Thanks any suggestions for altering team please let me know I'm in 5th place in my league currently


Basic Roto League - 10 teams?

First off... I love your pitching staff. When the season started I would have thought that Todd Jones was quick for the scrap heap, and Joel Zumaya would be the closer. Wow... who could have known that Zumaya would look like he's throwing BP out there?

You've got a decent line up, but some of your guys are on the down side of their talented careers. With the exception of Francouer (who I think will be a 30 HR, 100 RBI guy this year), your outfield is one year older, slower and less skilled.

With brand name recognition, you should be able to move Jones, Giles and/or Giambi to teams that draft/pick up guys based on their past glory. Look to pick up players that are just starting to come into their own... i.e. Grady Sizemore, David DeJesus, Russell Martin, Adrian Gonzales, etc...

Fantasy Baseball - Dare I ask for a rating?

man you need to get Upton in there, he is hot right now. in the last week hes had 5 runs 2 HR 5 RBI and 3 SB and is hitting 400, and hitting like 368 on the season, put him in

David Weathers for Mike Mussina?

picthcing need help

Any good baseball keeper leagues around?

ur team looks solid.. i'm guessin there arent many players worth picking up on waivers on a 14 team league. i see that you lack a 2nd and a 3rd closer, stolen bases unless ur willing to put taveras in everyday which will hurt u in other categories. imo i'd get rid of brian giles, he is past his prime and haven't put up big numbers since he stopped taking steroids. i dunno whos on ur waivers but try picking up the hot batter for the month or a young player w/ potentials like a josh hamilton altho he's cooled off now, jj hardy, podsednik should be returing from the dl soon, jacque jones should heat up soon, kevin mench, ethier, jenkins.. and for closers, teams like fla, hou, kc, pit, all have closers who are about to lose their jobs.

Should i make this fantasy baseball move?

u r team looks pretty good the only things i have problems with r
a)willy taveras(theres probably someone else out there u could pik up and drop him chris b young or jose bautista)
b) y do only have one rp u needa get someone else there

other then that ur team looks pretty good

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