Anyone else having problems with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?

As of 12:20 AM Pacific, on Tue. 5/1, I get 'page not found' . . .what's really wierd is I don't even get a valid webpage when I try: !?! . . . which is ALL of Yahoo! fantasy. Do they do nightly maintenance or something? Thanks!


Rank the MLB pitching staffs?

I do believe that midnight, Pacific time, is when they run their batch processing and everything gets updated unless games are still in progress. Thus your problem....

Who would be the best candidates to replace for these 2 pitchers?

It's not working for me tonight either! I usually log on around this time at night and it usually works, so I have no idea what their deal is tonight. Hopefully they will get it up and running soon so we can set our players for tomorrow!

Fantasy baseball?

The only problems I have is that yahoo fantasy sports suck. The way it is set up is horrible, and the player updates suck

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