1b help??

ive been trying to offer this guy a trade for adrian gonzalez. i need power at 1b and adrian seemed like a good deal that would help my roster. i have nomar garciaparra at 1b right now but im not trusting that he will stay healthy so i wanted to trade him and get adrian. ive offered this guy nomar and a pitcher (arroyo) for adrian. he didnt take it. is that not enough?? should i go with nomar and verlander to get adrian. should i look elsewhere for a 1b. mike jacobs is on waivers. should i get him and hope he catches fire soon. this team is in last right now so im kinda making some changes. thanks for any input!!



Nomar and Arroyo should be enough to get Gonzalez. If the guy doesn't want to take it, look for someone else who has 3 - 1B and go after their middle guy. Giving up a quality pitcher who is consistent and injury-free in the recent past should be able to get him. I wouldn't even offer Nomar in the deal. Then you can cut Nomar if need be and go after another position on the wire that you need help in.

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Take Jacobs, he will get you 25-30 HR's and 80-90 RBI

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yes since the guy you want you cant get, pick up jacobs, and try to sell jacobs later when and if he gets hot, but remember the year is young, alot of good hitters are starting slow, i too am in last in one of my leagues, the guys that usally hit will start hitting again. So for now pick up jacobs as he is a guy that will get you HR and RBI more that any other stat. hope this helps

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I believe you have gotten some great advice from your answers. My gut feeling is keep Nomar, keep arroyo and pickup jacobs. Continue to pickup another pitcher someway. Keep searching the waiver wire the season is young and you may end up surprised. Fantasy players tend to make some bad cuts adn bad trades as the season progresses. after your current players have played everyone once you will see their stats more in line with their history, if not then you might question the season they are going to have.

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