Another Trade Question?

If I was to trade Mauer (should I by the way?), who would be a legit pitcher (starter) I could get for him?


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Carlos Zambrano, Felix H, Dice K, and Jake Peavy I think would all be solid pitchers you could possibly get in return.

Fantasy trade?

I don't think you could get an ace but maybe a middle of the rotation guy for a good team, like a Nate Robertson kind of guy, which would be a pretty good pick-up.

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Make some offers. Who knows, you don't know what people would do until you try it.

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I think you should keep Mauer and try to trade someone else

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well, if i was you i would probably keep mauer only for the fact that catchers are hard to come by in fantasy because only a few produce at this point. but if yu were to trade him, you should probably go for a roy halladay, ian snell or even john maine

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I'd keep Mauer. You won't get a quality starting pitcher there is just no way. Most professional teams have trouble in the real world have trouble finding a great catcher and they even have trouble finding 2 quality starting pitcher when 5 are needed. By the way who is your second catcher and would end up being your 2 catchers of you made the trade. Might want to look at that situation.

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