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If I trade Mauer for Cole Hamels, is that a good trade you think and why?


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Well if you need pitching badly I would do this trade, Hamels is a pretty attractive option at this point. But if you are relying on Mauer for any type of offense, this trade might be detrimental to your team. He is a SUPERSTAR at catcher, hard to replace, I cant imagine that a FA will be able to replace his stats. Look at your team, try and see what replacements will do to your team before you pull the trigger.

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Its hard to answer without seeing the rest of your team. If you have a extra catcher and need alot of pitching help then yes. I think you can get more for mauer

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I wouldn't make that trade. I would keep Mauer

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Mauer is in a high-powered offense and will hit for average, power and RBIs.
Hamels is an unproven middle-tier pitcher at this point. Pitchers are much easier to replace and mix and match than a stud catcher.
Dont' do it.

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