All you experts- I need advice on a Fantasy Trade?

Question:What side of this trade would you rather have.. David Ortiz 7HR, 22RBI .297 average, Julio Lugo 1HR 9 RBI 8SB .256 average

Jimmy Rollins 9 HR 18RBI 6 SB .297 average, Ichiro Suzuki 2 HR 12 RBI 1SB .305 average.

For the long term, over the course of the season, which side of that trade would you rather have?


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First of all, defense doesn't matter! Ichiro and J-roll have speed, avg, and a little power to boot. With Ortiz and lugo, you get a lot of power from ortiz, speed from lugo, and that's it. The compiled value of j-roll and ichiro out way the value of Ortiz and lugo. However if you have a viable backup option at SS instead of Lugo, then that must be taken into consideration. Big Papi is one of the best fantasy options in the game, and J-roll can't keep this power surge up, so if you need HR's then Ortiz will help you immensely. It's all about needs in the fantasy world.

That being said, I would take ichiro and J.

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rollins and suzuki

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i agree, rollins and ichiro

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I'll take Rollins & Suzuki any day of the week. Both are good contact hitters who are good on the basepaths. And, they play great defence.

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Ortiz and Lugo.

Ortiz will hit more homeruns and have more RBI this season than Rollins and Ichiro combined. He will also hit about .300. Lugo will get SB, runs, and will probably end up with about the same numbers as Ichiro in homers, and RBI.

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Easy question to answer, I have plenty experience with fantasy baseball. Overall it's a fair trade, I would do this trade for the fact that Ortiz and Lugo are on the same team. You want to avoid that a majority of the time plus with rollins and ichiro you will lock up stolen bases and runs scored every week. Do the trade

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It depends. Ortiz is the best player of the four in a standard 5X5 format and Lugo is the worst of the four using the same parameters. Can you afford to trade Ortiz's HR. Remember even though Rollins has 9 HR so far he'll probably finish in the 25-30 range. Ichiro, though a fine player is not stealing many bases so far. So ultimately you'll gain in steal and average but lose in HR & RBI. If you have plenty of power to make up for the loss of Big Papi take the trade. If you don't stand pat. If you're doing this just because you need another OF you might consider passing on it as well. Decent OF are generally not that hard to find in a typical fantasy league. You won't find one as good as Ichro but you will have some decent options. If it were me in general, I'd rather be on the Ortiz side of the trade.

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Rollins and Suzuki, would be the wiser choice, but it could depend on how the fantasy league scoring is setup. However, in the real world of baseball that is a no brainer Rollins and Suzuki or heads above the other defensively and offensively with everything considered.

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I would rather have either Ortiz or Rollins because they are producing runs as well as having good batting averages, although Suzuki's average isn't half bad either but he and Lugo aren't helping their teams produce runs.

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ichiro and rollins would be better. ortiz will hit more hr. but ichiro and rollins will have better avg, sb, runs,

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rollins and suzuki

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