*Please Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team*?

Question:I am in a 10-team, 5X5, roto league. I would really really appreciate feedback on my team...it's strengths & weaknesses and stuff like that. Thank you!

C: Michael Barrett
1B: Paul Konerko
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Garrett Atkins
SS: Felipe Lopez
OF: Carl Crawford
OF: Matt Holliday
OF: Nick Swisher
Util: Prince Fielder
Bn: Adam LaRoche
Bn: Josh Willingham

SP: John Lackey
SP: Daisuke Matsuzaka
RP: Joe Nathan
RP: Takashi Saito
P: Jason Schmidt
P: Ervin Santana
P: A.J. Burnett
Bn: Francisco Cordero
Bn: Todd Jones
Bn: Brad Penny


Is this trade an advatage for me in the Yahoo! Sports fatasy Baseball?

i would give it a 8/10, not good

Your covered on pitching, not bad at all
Your batting is good but there are simply better players out there than some of your guys. Get a better catcher, and one more OF, and then you should be ready to rumble.

How will my fantasy team do?

I rate it as a 4. Your pitching looks like better then your batting, it needs help, you should see if you can get a couple small trades in. With hopefully for you, gaining more then you lose.

Eli manning or vince young... week 15 help?

Who cares and enjoy it while you can because King Moron is out to end this fantasy crapola.


Who likes the Chiefs!?

I would say you have a very strong team. You have a core of young, up-and-comers, which i like to see. Barrett, Utley, Atkins, Crawford, Holliday and LaRoche are all reaching their prime. You may want to pick up someone like Dave Roberts off free agency to help with SBs. Your pitching is good, you seem to have a lot of strikeouts which is key in fantasy. good luck.

David West/Quentin Richardson for Roy/Barbosa?

for your batters, at first look you will not need to worry about hits, Stolen Bases and Average. all of that will come. the players, about average for a fantasy team. Barrett will give an avg. .290- 301. 75-81 RBI. 15- 21 hr. that is what you will see form him, top 5 though. Konerko good as they come, high home run total, RBI's and close to .300 Avg. Utley, good choice, will see a low Avg. but high RBI and HR totals. Atkins, best out there, still has yet to hit his prime, see about 27 HR. be better then last year. Lopez, going to give you the stolen bases. your outfield is strong, Crawford with the Sb's, Holliday with Avg. and Swisher with HRs, they will give the RBI total rise too. bench is strong, two 30+ HRs and willingham, this could be his year.

As for your pitchers, do not worry about saves or strikeouts, worry about the era. and whip. try to trade one of the closers for a starter that logged 200+ inn. and over 175 K's. aim for a J. harang of Cin. could get him on the low side.

over all good team, baring injury's, should finish in top 5.

Little help please on FF championship, QB, RB, DEF?

solid infield some speed on team need better bench look in FA for and all=around player who can fell in.good hitting, power,speed.Looks like a 10 team league right.Pitching move Jones up your rps are very good Nathan, Jones Saito,Cordero plenty of saves.SP not sure Matsuzaka (this is America)should do OK,hopes maybe a little high. I like Schmidt,He well put up some real good numbers,Penny having trouble this spring,The rest are decent,Watch for young pitchers on teams off to good starts and maybe get another starter.There are lots of talent in FA market.So dint be afraid to use it.Watch for off days and try to have a couple of subs to fell in of and inf.Willington I used some last year watch for a Kendrick or Theroit type.future stars just starting.They may be a big surprise.

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Uhhh.I dont care!! Baseball sucks! Hockey is better!

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dont like your starters. What is Dice K sucks? then you're screwed. Burnett is always injured. Lackey is good, not great. Schmidt is on the down side. Santana is really good. Penny .ehh! Nathan is your best pitcher!

1st Fantasy Baseball draft, how did I do?

pretty good team. albeit a 10-team league.

runs: 8/10
home runs: 7/10
rbis: 9/10
average: 9/10
rotation: 8/10
closers: 10/10

could use..i don't know...better pitching..but even there's always room for good pitching. make a trade or something.

Fantasy baseball?

WOW! I like your team! Good all around!

Where can i find power, hrs and rbis, players on free agents that will explode this year (30+ hr, 100+rbi)?

It's a 7/7.5. You definetly need better power hitters, but your pitching is solid. Try getting rid of Lopez and Barrett and filling their spots with better guys. I suggest trading Jones, who's awesome, if you don't need him.

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