Anyone else having problems with Yahoo Stattracker and Fantasy Baseball?

For the life of me it won't let me sign up. I think I've tried 20 times now, and I've informed support (no answer as of yet). Please let me know that I am not alone as this is really pissing me off. I mean all I want to do is PAY them for a service and they won't let me ... geesh. They won't even say what the problem is, just that there is a "temporary" issue


Fantasy Baseball question?

stat tracker is junk ive been trying to so i figure that they must not want my money have a great say

Would should i start?

I've been trying to sign up as well, and I keep getting an error message, so it's not just you. I even cleared out my cookies to see if they were impeding the process, but I still had no luck.

You'd think that they'd fix this problem as soon as they can, since it's money for them.

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