Anyone getting tired of waiting for lincecum to come up?

I mean the experts (especially that punk andy behrens) have been hyping up the guy since the start of the season. I picked him up like 3 weeks ago and waited and waited and waited. Honestly whats the point he is not gonna get called up anytime soon.


R. Bush, F. Taylor and T. Barber. Which two do I start in week 15?

If you are playing a Roto League you are better off getting a middle relief pitcher that may get you 70 to 80 strikeouts, 5 or 6 wins and a couple saves.

If you are playing a Head-to-Head League getting a late arriving pitcher like Lincecum or even Roger Clemens will make a bigger difference; they may cause you to win that week.

The Giants starting pitching is doing pretty well so they do not need him for a while. That's why I dropped him a week ago.

Desperate for Johan Santana?

Drop him now. With the Giant's rotation the way it is, it can be a while. When he gets called up, scoop him up, but for now pick up somebody who actually gets you stats. Go to add players, click on Rank, not O-rank and take the best available pitcher who is pitching the best so far this young season.

Which RBs should I start for week 15??

If you can hold the roster spot, go ahead and keep him, but if you are like me, with B.J. Ryan, Thome, King Feliz, Gagne, and now Wickman on the DL, you need to drop him.

The Last Running Back!!.at theaters everywhere?

The bad part about dropping him now will be all the other managers getting reminded of the name and start following his progress too. This will make it alot harder to resign him upon call up news. You shouldn't have sign him so early.

The Giants starting pitching has been better than expected so his call up will be even later than many would have predicted. But Tim's ERA in the minors is around 0.8-0.9. Dilemna, but I'd drop if I could find someone solid.

Lofton or Patterson?

Looks like your prayers have been answered. I just read a report tonight that says that Russ Ortiz went down, and Lincecum is expected to replace him on Sunday!

This is really the sort of break I needed to save my fantasy team after Chris Carpenter and Chien-Ming Wang went down.

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