What moves would you make with this team??

Question:I know Figgins and Schmidt are on the DL. That aside please give feedback on my fantasy team and what moves you would make. I play in a rotiserrie league. Thanks

C - Ivan Rodriguez
C - John Buch
1B - Ty Wigginton
2B - Aaron Hill
SS - Bill Hall
3B - Aramis Ramirez
OF - Carlos Lee
OF - Juan Pierre
OF - Johnny Damon
Utility - Travis Hafner
Utility - Rickie Weeks
Bench - Nick Swisher
Bench - Geoff Jenkins
DL - Chone Figgins

SP - Johan Santana
SP - Carlos Zambrano
SP - Rich Harden
SP - Barry Zito
SP - Brad Penny
SP - Dave Bush
SP - Jason Schmidt
RP - Joe Nathan
RP - Joe Borowski
RP - Huston Street


How's my fantasy NBA squad in a 4 man Y! league?

trade away penny and schmidt for a reliever that could win the closer role this year (henry owens, matt capps, etc.) or a reliable closer (francisco cordero). or you could trade the starters for a second baseman (aaron hill and weeks is not good). you want to put swisher at first instead of wigginton and weeks at second (but since Hill is off to a good start, keep him there for now). other wise, the team looks fine.

P.S. Why are there only two bench guys?

Who should i get to fill in for rashard lewis on my fantasy team?

I would try and find out who John Buch is?

I told you so...?

If I was you I would try to find another good firstbaseman. I have Kendrick on my team and he is playing very well right now. Other than that you are pretty solid elsewhere.

I need some help with my fantasy Baseball team (6th place out of 12)?

you have alot of pitching, maybe trade one of your top 3 starters for another big bat or possibly some more stolen bases even though you have Pierre and Damon. Figgins I do not feel will have any impact after he returns from the DL.

I have Zambrano too- he better have a good start 2nite, he was my 2nd overall pick.

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