Fantasy trade?

Question:guys tell me what you think
OF carl craford
SS Rafeal furcal
SP brad penny

1B mark teixiera
CF andruw jones

any comments?


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teixiera and andruw jones are both in contract years, and should put up big numbers, but unless you need power, and can give up steals, i wouldnt do this. if i were you, id try to get rid of the often injured furcal, but crawford, and the almost always overlooked brad penny may be a little too much to give up. honestly, now that i think about it, its a toss up, which do you need more of, hr, or sb (plus a good pitcher)

Victor Martinez, Carl Crawford for Michael Barret, Alfonso Soriano, and BJ Upton. Good Deal?

Do not do it. Crawford will hit .300 20 homers and steal lots of bases and same with furcal. Penny will win 15 games and is very underrated

Texeria will hit .250 and hit 35 homers and andruw i think will get injured later in the season

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Hold the phone, keep Crawford if he's already yours. Furcal's going to be swinging the bat good now that he's healthy, LA's got nice lineup support, and you can't give up SP for no pitching!

Keep Crawford, Penny & Furcal.

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NO! unless you were trading to me...

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